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Are You Using Third-Party Apps?

Are You Using Third-Party Apps?

We often use third-party apps on our devices. But are we aware of the risks?

First, we need to know what Third-Party Apps/Applications are.
A third-party app, often called a "third-party application," is software developed by an entity or individual other than the manufacturer or developer of the operating system or platform on which it runs. These applications are not part of the core software or services the platform or device provides.

So, these apps may not be developed by any authorized companies. Then, remember one thing, “When the product is free, you are the product”. But how?

Today we will discuss one thing. The developer may have the wrong intention of stealing your photos from your device. Developers can do this by using a bot on TeleTelegram just needs to do nothing. He will share the application with you and may ask you or force you to install the application on your device and it’s done.

When you have installed It., the telegram bot will start its job. Without letting you know, it will detect your phone gallery and transfer all the photos to the developer's location.

Just imagine, you may have some photos that should be secret, but will not be secret anymore. The developer can use the photo to blackmail you or to harm you.


Person: Oh, no! What the hell! I need to be safe. Who will help me now?
Iskool71: Don’t Worry. What to worry about when school 71 is with you.

Person: Ah! Thanks. Please help me.

Iskool71: Yes, I will. Look, before installing any app on your device, check the authentication, whether the app is good or not. Has any authorized developer built the app? Then install it.

Person: How can I know that?

Iskool71: While downloading the app, you can see the name of the developer. Search for the developer on Google. You can also check the review of the app and developer.

Person: Oh! Thanks.

Iskool71: Welcome.

Person-2: Oh no!

Iskool71: What happen?

Person-2: I have found an app that seems to be malicious.

Iskool71: Don’t worry. May you have lost some of your data? But now you can take them back. But you can make you system safe?

Person-2: How?

Iskool71: Delete the app right now.

Person-2: Will it be enough?

Iskool71: Yes, it will. Because the hacker has you access till you have the application. When you have deleted the app, the attacker will lose your access.

Person and Person-2: Thank you Iskool71. Thanks a lot.

Iskool71: No need to thanks dears. Just stay with me and I will keep you updated.

Person and Person-2: How?

Iskool71: Follow me on facebook - www.facebook.com/iskool71 and visit my website – www.iskool71.com